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Celebrating 10+ Years in Broadcast Excellence!

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WHY Annie Armen Radio Show

Annie Armen LIVE is Where Your Passion Comes ALIVE!


1. Unfreeze Your HEART
2. Unleash Your PASSION

Beat 1:  UNFREEZE Your Heart 

Break through emotional barriers that hold you back.

Beat 2:  UNLEASH Your Passion

Break through psychological barriers that hold you back.

Beat 3:  BE UNSTOPPABLE With Action! 

Provoke your signature "inborn" best to put your talents and abilities to the ultimate performance test -- three words, GO FOR IT!

Personal Message from Annie Armen:

Personal Message from Annie Armen |

While we are alive, let's Fulfill Our Legacy: Begin a Leader, END A LEGEND!

Dear Friend:

I believe with all my heart that you are magnificently created to produce brilliant results!  Anything less is not part of your destiny!  Refuse it, turn it away, and believe with all the inspiring layers of your heart that you deserve the best!

Take a chance on you.  Believe that your challenges are truly your greatest opportunities.  If your mentors can withstand and conquer their storms in life, so can you. 

Let’s do this together and contribute to our prosperous heritage with our celebrated foot prints!

Welcome dear friend, to the Annie Armen Show!

With Love and Gratitude,

Annie Armen

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